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Roland Ward dog trainerThe Dog Club’s training methods are different to most dog training centres and is based upon silent training. Roland is a professional dog trainer, with over 25 years of experience.


Two local authorities, Haringey Council and Barnet Homes, call upon Roland’s expertise for assessing a dogs temperament and helping owners fix any anti social behaviours. Additionally, the Dogs Trust Freedom Project call upon his knowledge.





What is Silent Training

Silent training is the simplest and most effective method of training a dog I have found yet. How it works is by using a lure reward we get the dog to perform a certain behaviour Once the dog understands what's wanted of him and complies he gets the reward and when the dog is doing the behaviour one hundred percent with no verbal commands you can then add a verbal command and reward.


Many training schools ask that only one person trains the dog but we encourage the whole family to become involved. The training is fun for both dog and owner.


We would actively encourage you to watch a session; which gives an insight into the class structure and the opportunity to see the outcomes you are likely to achieve.


We would however ask you to notify us in advance so a mutually convenient time can be arranged. We would like the opportunity of explaining our methods to you, prior to watching the session.


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This is a statement left on our comments page which sums us up perfectly.


"We have just completed two courses with Roland, starting with our Cocker Spaniel puppy at the age of 10 weeks and the training has been superb. Roland cannot do enough for the people on his courses and it is obviously a passion rather than a business! I would highly recommend to anyone to attend Roland's classes and having had dogs before we have never had such a well behaved dog that we can trust around people and other dogs when off the lead.  His prices are very reasonable compared to other classes and he goes that extra step when a dog needs it by arranging one on one personal visits. We would like to thank Roland and wish him the best for the future."

Liam Bateman


Roland owns two Labrador Retrievers and often competes in retrieving competitions with great success. All dogs can be taught to retrieve however some are more natural than others but it is great fun for both handler and dog.





We feel that we can offer you the perfect venue for our classes:


  • A large hall with an adjacent free car park.
  • A fenced off, secure puppy area outside.
  • A field of approximately four acres


The fieldThe hallThe puppy area

The hall
The puppy area
The field






We provide two five week courses.


The first course

The first three weeks are held indoors and we teach you the basics of interacting with your dog, so it will understand what you expect. We cover the sit, stay, leave, problem solving (ie. jumping up, mouthing etc) and recall.


During the fourth week, you will be able to recall your dog past other dogs in the field.


In the fifth week we go for a walk in the field, teaching the dogs to walk by our side off the leash.


The second course

All sessions on this course are held outside. We recap on what you have learnt so far and advise on how to overcome any problems you may have. We allow the dogs to mix but the emphasis is getting the owners to interact with their dog so the dog prefers to be with the owner, rather than chasing other dogs, which can often be uncontrollable.


The final week is held in Trent Park. You will find people jogging, families out walking with children in buggies or on scooters and cycles. I would expect by this stage of your training, all dogs to behave and not chase or jump up the other people. The videos below show clients on the last week.








Many people are unable to commit to a five week course for various reasons and often find a home visit, especially if a puppy is being brought into a home with young children more beneficial.


Some older dogs cannot tolerate a class environment due to being as boisterous or aggressive and these are best dealt with on a one to one visit.


We offer a two hour or a four hour home visit. We find the two hour visit is more than sufficient for most dogs. For example, basic problems such as jumping up, pulling on the leash, mouthing, bad recall, barking, etc., can be fixed in one two hour visit


The four hour visit is useful if the family has more than one dog or you wish to go outside with Roland to train or just to gain confidence on a parkland walk. We tailor the visits to suit individual needs.





Each 5 week course £90.00
A home visit approx 90 to 120 mins £90.00


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