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Hello, this is my website and business. If you liked the website or if you have attended our classes or had a home visit, please post your comments so others can see what you thought of our services. Thank you in advance for your help!



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  • Charmaine Esprit

    My Dogue De Bordeaux puppy 'Love' recently underwent training with Roland. Despite the lockdown situation, I was determined to crack on with Loves training. Roland carried out our initial training in my back garden where we both maintained a safe distance whilst still providing Love with the necessary basic training she needed. Nothing was compromised at all. Really informative and practical.We then had 2 follow on meet up's at the park where we again kept a safe distance but still great training was delivered. Roland showed me how to lead Love and how to get Love to listen. Really helpful. Plus the social distancing remained in place. Worked well actually. Can' wait for the classes to get up snd running again, we'll probably attend for extra socialising and fun!

  • Lola's mum

    Revisited Roland after previous puppy classes with him. Sound, common sense and consistent advice for any dogs training, welfare and the practical steps to achieve balanced, independent dogs; under control and obedience of their owners. Still highly recommended. Undoubtedly the best dog trainer in North London.

  • Stuart

    Roland visited me at home for a session with my 1 year old husky German Shepard cross as I couldn’t stop him from pulling on his lead. I can’t thank Roland enough for what he has done for me and my Reno, within 15 minutes he was walking by my side like a completely different dog, now we enjoy our walks together rather than having a tug of war over the park.
    For anyone thinking of looking for a dog trainer I highly recommend Roland.. thanks again

  • Eleanor

    Roland visited us at home for a session with our 1 year old Cyprus rescue, Sam. From the moment Roland begun our session we were totally amazed at how fast his techniques worked on Sam. He taught us how to properly communicate with our dog, who now actually listens to us! Roland also gave us some great dietary advice and has been on call since the session to help us with our anxieties. Many thanks to Roland, cannot recommend him enough.

  • Sian / Jack

    Roland was excellent and changed our lives with Bob!

    Bob is a French Bulldog rescue who used to bite, growl and be rather aggressive to myself and my boyfriend.
    We had two sessions with Roland and Bob is like a new dog!!!

    Roland was always on hand if I had to call for advice, he arranged to meet us quick and was all round extremely helpful!

    Thank you again!

    Sian, Jack and Bob!

  • Catherine Court

    Roland changed our lives in under 2 hours!! We rescued Cooper four years ago and he is the most wonderful dog. However he was quite anxious, very reactive towards other dogs and his recall was either good or non-existent depending on whether there was something better on offer!! Walking him was becoming more and more stressful and unpredictable and we had got to the point where we would only walk him in very particular places and only on the lead. A friend recommended Roland and he came to visit us at home because we lived outside of London. He came with his 'Mary Poppins' bag of tools and tips. I was a bit nervous about some of the tools he talked about but he worked with my concerns and took the time to explain enough for us to take Cooper out with him. Cooper had some learning to do on that walk but after that and one other with just me his behaviour and stress levels improved dramatically. Within a few days he was a different dog - calmer and more responsive and we are all enjoying our walks. Although we were targeting his reactions to other dogs the strategies have generalised to other areas now as both Cooper and I know who is in charge - it's me!! Roland has followed up his visit on the phone several times which has enabled me to ask questions that have come up. It really was money very well spent and we are extremely grateful to Raymond for his help. I'm hoping we won't need him again but if we do I wouldn't hesitate to quickly get in touch. Highly recommended!

  • dichvu

    He gave us good techniques and training tools to try, and talked about how our anxieties were walking their way down the lead to her. Made a huge difference, straight away but there has also been a continued improvement in her behaviour over the past 3 months and she’s now an absolute pleasure to walk and able to cope with all that north London can throw at her!

  • Wendy Hare

    We recently brought our first ever puppy into our family, a miniature schnauzer called Milo. We had no experience of dog training at all. Roland encouraged us to start Milo as early as possible and gave very simple training instructions that we could follow as a family. Milo was recalling at 10 weeks and walked past a football pitch full of children and parents to heel off lead at about 12 weeks. Roland’s advice helped us toilet train immediately too. Roland is more than this though he will give whatever help you need in your family to make sure you have a happy well behaved dog that you can take anywhere. It has been invaluable to have someone teach us how our dog thinks and give us an understanding of what works for Milo and it was good fun too! Getting our is the best thing we have ever done as a family he has changed all of our lives and Roland was a big part of that

  • Polly Hanchett

    Roland came and worked for a session with us and our newly-arrived Romanian rescue. We had inquired about attending classes but he’d explained that these were for younger dogs (she is more than a year old) and would not deal with the specific issues we were having which were pulling on the lead and lunging at joggers and cyclists on walks. It was a fantastic session. He gave us good techniques and training tools to try, and talked about how our anxieties were walking their way down the lead to her. Made a huge difference, straight away but there has also been a continued improvement in her behaviour over the past 3 months and she’s now an absolute pleasure to walk and able to cope with all that north London can throw at her! We’d certainly recommend Roland – thank you for your help!

  • Annabel McMillan

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Roland, we recently adopted a new puppy to join out two Chihuahuas and were having terrible trouble settle them all in. Gilbert one of our Chihuahuas was constantly barking aggressively at the new puppy, we live in Spain so I Skyped Roland and he gave me great advice and within a couple of days the issue was resolved........totally amazed.

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