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These websites are people or institutions I know and trust.


Pet Shops


The pet shops I have listed below are in North London and all stock what I recommend in my classes and home visits. I prefer to use local pet shops as they are more knowledgeable than large chains.    N3  N10  NW6


Dog Walkers


It is hard to find good dog walkers many dog walkers meet up with other dog walkers and  chat to each other and leave the dogs to just play with little supervision, The gentleman I listed below never has more than four dogs walks alone and when ever I see him his dogs are always under control, Also he is a retired police officer I have chatted to him many times and found him very polite and friendly   N21



Dog Friendly Venues


The café listed below is in Muswell Hill  some of the ladies from my classes rave about it  their website does not do it justice as basic so I  added their Facebook page as it shows lots more pictures and information


Today I urgently needed a piece of training equipment for the next  day after looking online I found the lady who answered the phone was both friendly and very knowledgeable we must have chatted for about 25 minutes and I was guaranteed  a next day delivery. When I got home I had a good look around the website and decided to add it to my list of trusted suppliers .








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